Medical Freedom

Medical freedom empowers individuals to be in control of their health journey and ensures that they are active participants in their own well-being. It allows patients to work collaboratively with their healthcare providers, fostering a stronger doctor-patient relationship and promoting shared decision-making. By embracing medical freedom, we can unlock a more patient-centered approach to healthcare, where each person’s unique circumstances, preferences, and perspectives are valued.

Protecting Women

Countless women have shattered glass ceilings and proven their prowess on various athletic platforms. It is indeed an empowering sight to witness their determination, hard work, and resilience in breaking barriers and defying societal norms.

Biological differences between men and women, particularly in terms of muscle mass, bone structure, and hormone levels, cannot be ignored. These discrepancies give men, even those who have transitioned to female, a physiological advantage over their female counterparts. Allowing transgender women to compete in women’s sports without implementing appropriate regulations jeopardizes the fairness and inclusivity of these competitions.

Moreover, it is not only about preserving fair competition, but also about safeguarding the opportunities available to women in sports. Female athletes have fought long and hard for their place in the sporting arena, and they deserve a level playing field where their hard work and talent can be recognized and celebrated. Allowing transgender women, who have experienced the physical advantages associated with male biology, to compete against cisgender women can potentially discourage female athletes and deter young girls from pursuing their dreams in sports.

If elected to the state senate, I would vote to override Dewine’s veto all day long.

Pro-Small Business

As a concerned citizen deeply invested in the economic prosperity of our great state, I truly believe that HB94 presents us with a transformative opportunity to create a favorable business environment conducive to entrepreneurship, job creation, and overall economic dynamism. By lowering start-up costs, the bill ensures that aspiring entrepreneurs can overcome the financial hurdles associated with starting a business, leading to increased innovation, competition, and ultimately a more vibrant economy.

It is undeniable that high start-up costs often become a significant barrier for individuals who possess talent, skills, and ideas but lack the necessary financial resources to bring them to fruition. By embracing the proposed legislation, Ohio can lead by example and demonstrate our unwavering commitment to support and empower those individuals, enabling them to transform their innovative ideas into successful ventures that not only contribute to the state’s economy but also create much-needed employment opportunities.

Parental Rights in Schools

Parents, being the primary caretakers and nurturers of their children, possess unique insights into their child’s character, strengths, and weaknesses. By actively participating in their educational journey, parents contribute invaluable knowledge and bring a deeper understanding of what will benefit their child’s growth and learning experience.

I am delighted to acknowledge that Ohio schools have taken commendable steps towards involving parents in educational decision-making through initiatives such as parent-teacher conferences and open communication channels. However, I trust that we can take this commitment a step further by implementing policies that firmly establish parental rights as an essential component of any education system.

Pro-Second Amendment

The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution guarantees the right of the people to keep and bear arms. This fundamental right has been the subject of intense debate in recent years, with many liberals advocating for stricter gun control measures and conservatives advocating for the preservation of gun rights.

I recognize that responsible gun ownership and public safety should be top priorities. I am in support for common sense enforcement of existing laws to ensure responsible gun ownership. Such measures can help strike a balance between gun rights and public safety.

Tough on Crime

It is important to recognize that public safety is a shared responsibility that requires a comprehensive approach. I believe that being tough on crime is essential to maintain order and protect law-abiding citizens.

it is crucial to provide our law enforcement officers with the resources and tools they need to carry out their duties effectively. This includes funding for training, equipment, and community outreach initiatives. By investing in law enforcement, we ensure they have the necessary resources to combat crime and protect communities.

Fiscal Conservative

Eliminating the Ohio State Income Tax has been a long-elusive goal for many. However, it is crucial to strike a balance between eliminating this tax and maintaining a balanced budget. In order to accomplish this, we must carefully consider the potential economic impacts and adopt a comprehensive approach that focuses on common sense investments.

It is important to note that eliminating just the income tax without considering the overall tax structure may negatively impact economic growth in Ohio. It is important to carefully consider the impacts on other taxes and seek to maintain a balanced tax system.

Energy Independence

Firstly, energy independence is not merely a luxury, but an absolute necessity for Ohio’s sustainable development and economic growth. We are blessed with an abundance of renewable energy resources, including solar and wind power, capable of generating clean and cost-effective electricity. By encouraging investment in renewable energy infrastructure, we can effectively reduce our dependency on non-renewable and often polluting energy sources. Not only will this increase job opportunities for fellow Ohioans, but it will also preserve our environment for future generations, making Ohio a leader in green energy innovation.

However, the detrimental impact of HB6 continues to impede progress towards achieving a sustainable and independent energy future. This legislation, which has garnered significant public outcry, not only counteracts our noble energy goals but also significantly impedes the development of renewable energy in Ohio. The subsidies provided to aging coal and nuclear plants through this bill only serve to support outdated technologies at the expense of cleaner and more affordable alternatives. A repeal of HB6 will not only rectify this unjust disparity but will also rebuild public trust in our political system.

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